Want to be a Yoga Mystro?

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Want to be a Yoga Mystro?.

Check out these steps to starting yoga.

Really simple and straight forward.





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This little boy has just spelt out how life is supposed to be viewed in 3:28 minutes. Legendary!!!

We all need a pep talk once in a while.

Watch him and you will not be disappointed but rather encouraged!

We are all on the same team people.. we are all on the same team



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When you hear keeping fit, exercising, working out, most people start to cringe as they suspect that such would cause pain and discomfort. It is normal for the human kind to repel when they smell, see or anticipate pain. That is ok, however there is the saying that goes “No Pain No Gain”

So you ask, “What is the gain of exercising / working out?”

There are a range of benefits from working out and exercising. These benefits include:

  • A longer and healthier life
  • Weight control
  • Stronger immune system
  • Mood improvement and Metal acuity
  • Boosts energy
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Aging well
  • Improves confidence
  • Reduces stress

There are too many benefits to mention, nonetheless the most important thing to note is that healthy people have a greater tendency to live a more fulfilled life on all levels. To get yourself on a fitness regime that you are sure to maintain, it import that you read fitness blogs and websites so that you can gain information and motivation from real life fitness lovers. The key is consistency and not enthusiasm, as consistency will keep you on the journey more than enthusiasm can ever.

Get on board with getting fit and start the journey of being the best YOU you can!!!



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Instructions before you read:

  • Inhale for 5 seconds
  • Hold it for 5 seconds
  • Exhale for 5 Seconds

Do that 3 times… feel good?… now that’s called triangular breathing… feel relaxed?… now you are ready….

Time is the best gift given to man. It is funny that we have quotes that say ‘time is not on my side’ or ‘I wish I was never getting older’ when time is always on our side and getting older is the best thing that can happen. Living on earth, as it is, forever…come to think about it… is actually a nightmare as it robs time of its benefits to us. All people need is the right perspective.

Below are 5 simple reasons out of a multitude out there to know why time is always on our side:
1) Because time is so limited, you have to live everyday to the fullest as when tomorrow comes, you cannot go back to today.

2) Because of time, no day can be boring, as everyday has its own pleasures and challenges.

3) Because life is a journey, every experience has something to teach us for the rest of our lives in our mortal bodies.

4) Because of time, every problem has an expiry date, so you can always know that there is a rainbow after the storm.

5) Last but not the least, because of time, the joy of having a mindset to always enjoy the now, makes you know that your future would always be better than your past. (take a couple of seconds to let that sink) NICCCEEE…

So I say brethren, the 11th commandment is ‘thou shall enjoy the now!’, because you have been presented the gift of breath once again and so live it to the fullest. It is easy to take things for granted (and I have been guilty as charged), but I can assure you that when you loose something you have taken for granted e.g. health, you will snap back to reality and know what really matters at the end of the day.

P.S. Always be conscious of who gave you this breath of life as it makes the experience of life the all so more spectacular!! I KNOW THAT FIRST HAND… BLISS 🙂

Now let’s Tuuuuune up this post…



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Whether consciously or unconsciously, we make decisions in life and they generate consequences. These consequences are perceived as beneficial or disadvantageous dependent on the perspective you look at it from. An American speaker at a conference in St.Paul MN says the average US citizen makes about 35000 decisions a day. (Absolutely ridiculous)

Ordinarily going to the grocery store is a case study for decision making. Picking out what type of salad or cereal to buy takes a series of decision making (with all the crazy options we have nowadays). These are simple decisions, however we make them whether we are aware or not.

On a grander scale, we decide to be servants to our own selfish desires or a desire to serve a cause stronger than self. Understanding the reason behind decisions is something most people try not to think about as it appears to make life a little too intense. However, you will see that there are so many benefits to analyzing it as the bullet points below will show. Before I list them out some facts of life have to be made clear whether you like it or not.

– As long as you are alive and are in human flesh, you are always going to be a slave to something (God,You, Achievements, Money, Lust, Pride, etc- whatever makes you tick really)
– You will always make choices and decisions
– You always have free WILL, and no one should take that away from you (i.e. to learn or not, to be humble or proud, to be successful or not…. fill in the blank for yourself)

Now lets look at the a few of many benefits of being aware of your decision making process:

– Understanding why you make some decisions enable you to be in a perspective to learn (only applies if you want to be the best of you you can be).
– Life is a journey and your last day on earth will paint the full picture, therefore every day you make decisions, its you painting on a blank canvas in the anticipation that you create a master piece.
– Having an alertness of why you do what you do ironically makes you not take yourself seriously (don’t ask me how) but you see life as it should be looked at: a journey of learning and enjoying!

Take this away: One bad decision can put you on shaky grounds but One good decision can rewrite all the crap decision. It’s that simple!

P.S. My best decision was to be conscious of what JESUS is doing through my every move, despite my imperfections. Journey of life has just gotten lot more exciting!! lets keep piling driving through baby!!

Imma leave yall with a music video cause I aint done in a min!! #BABZYTELLS’EM

Living everyday like it is your last! what does it REALLY mean?

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“Living everyday like it is your last” is a saying that is sometimes overly used and seen as an excuse to live life for the moment irresponsibly (at least that was what I used to use it for). Nonetheless, that phrase has come to life in its entirety through the experiences I have faced on planet earth. One major questions I asked myself was, “what is the use of being awake or asleep if you cannot see the reality of life and enjoy it?!” And from that question, the hunger of enjoying life began since 2009.

So , what does “living everyday like your last” NOT mean?
-living like you’re going to die tomorrow and blow away your savings;

-living with no regards for others and having the extremist ‘go getter’ mentality;

– Near death stunts to pump your adrenaline to the max;

In that case, what does it mean to “live everyday like it is your last?”
– Thanking God you are alive another day with the gift of life;

-Thinking on the present day and saving your anxieties in yesterday i.e. don’t be anxious for anything; Philipians 4:6 : ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.’

– Living in the pleasures of the moment responsibly which brings fullness of joy;

‘Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things’ …or as I like to say ‘ponder on these things peeps!!!’-Philippians4:8 .


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