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Identity theft is criminal but identity misplacement is a tragedy. We are born into a world of lost homo-sapiens, searching for something to attach their existence to. If you ask me, this is the root of a vast chunk of bad decision making. What we see are people chasing things to latch on their identity to, which does more damage to their internal self-worth. Examples such as money, sex, fame, etc, are the dominant goals people chase for identification. Results of the latter in life (through research), leads me to my reoccurring quote:

“its not what you do that counts, its who you be when you do what you do that supersedes all”- Babz

What is the remedy?

PUTTING THINGS IN THEIR PLACE: When identity is secure, things have no other option but to fall in their right place. Goals such as money, sex and fame become servants allowing you to exercise them as an extensions of yourself rather than the origin. (Note: these things are blessings when they are applied in the right context and they serve their purpose- topic for another day)

How can identity be secure?

Root yourself in an understanding of history and see the patterns that emerge. Generations come and go but the earth remains, the laws of mother earth would never seize.

In simpler terms; chasing mere things of the world with the core of your being would lead you far away from who you really are but letting those things chase you means you stay you (your best default). This has personally led me to an awareness and close relationship with the Creator of this planet we call earth. BEST DECISION I MADE IN 2009

You also have to ask yourself a vital question: “who would I truly be, if I disregarded people’s opinion?” …. THEN GO AHEAD AND BE, AS LIFE IS FAR TOOOOOO SHORT!!

One thing is guaranteed, “you are your own competition”

Lets tune it up into perspective with a fresh chuunnnnneeee #BABZYTELLS’EM


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